Digital Photo Editing NZ

Digital Photo Editing can help to get your photos looking perfect. Here are some techniques we use.

  • Adding or removing a person or object from a photo
  • Colour correction and contrast adjustments
  • Switch faces and bodies to another photo
  • Horizontal / vertical straightening
  • Remove the background from your photo or change it to any colour
  • Blur the background
  • Red eye removal
  • Resizing / cropping
  • Basic or advanced photo retouching
  • Website logo touch-up
  • Website photo editing

Digital Photo Editing offers editing for all of the following types of digital photos.

  • Personal Photos (including photos of family, pets and special events)
  • Business Website Photos (stock photos for your website)
  • Wedding Photos (including photos of the ceremony, reception and guests)
  • Vehicle Photos (inside and outside of your vehicle)
  • Object Photos (including your favourite possesions and items that you wish to sell)
  • Real Estate Photos (including the inside and outside of houses and surrounding areas)

We can complete your editing within 1-2 business days! Click here for a FREE quote within 2 hours!